Work and Study in Australia

work experiencePost study work rights in Australia help you boost your career. Combine work and study and boost your career at the same time. Here are the details.

  • Graduates who have completed a Bachelor degree or Masters by coursework degree in Australia will be eligible to apply for a two-year post-study work visa.
  • Graduates who have completed a Masters by research degree or a Doctoral degree in Australia will be eligible to apply for a post-study work visa for three or four years respectively.
  • Other students may be eligible to apply for the Temporary Skilled Graduate [subclass 485] visa. The subclass 485 visa is a temporary visa that allows an 18 month stay to work in Australia.

Boost your Career

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This is not new but being able to work and study is something that sets Australia apart from other destinations for international students. Work and study – study full-time and work part-time. Then when you have finished your study you can then work full time for 2 years. What a great combination of work and study opportunities. Let’s face it, getting a job and starting a career is tougher than ever.  Job applicants need that competitive advantage. This is the way to boost your career. Refine your technical skills, build networks and develop those generic workplace skills you need to boost your career. Communication, time management, setting priorities, writing reports and meeting deadlines. These are all the things you learn on the job, in the workplace. Having an opportunity to do this in Australia after you have completed your degree will look great on your CV. Sure, it’s one thing to have that business or engineering degree but it is how you put it into practice that makes the difference. The only way to achieve that is through experience. Who knows, you might even get an opportunity to stay longer in that job. Organizations will look to hold on to valuable employees. If you make yourself an important asset to the organization, you may well be sponsored and have an opportunity to develop a longer term career.

Take advantage of Post Study Work Rights in Australia. Combine work and study.


How to Improve your Career in Engineering through study abroad.


Master of Advanced Engineering

Monash University (Melbourne, Australia)

engineeringAdvancedThe Master of Advanced Engineering will help you boost your career in Engineering. The course offers an exciting opportunity to transition your career, from operational level to being a global leader. Do you want to gain a depth of knowledge, mastering the crucial skills to become a leading contributor in your field of engineering.

Combine Advanced Engineering and Business

The course is offered at the Clayton campus of Monash. This campus offers extensive facilities and is around 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD. The Master of Advanced Engineering is offered on a full-time basis (1 Year) or part-time (2 years). As an international student you will need to take the full-time option. The course is designed to extend your knowledge in your specialization area and advance your leadership and complex problem-solving skills.

Specializations include:

  1. Chemical engineering
  2. Civil engineering (Water)
  3. Civil engineering (Transport)
  4. Civil engineering (Infrastructure Systems)
  5. Electrical engineering
  6. Energy and Sustainability (Malaysia campus only)
  7. Materials engineering
  8. Mechanical engineering


Students are required to complete 48 credit points and the structure looks like this.


2 ˣ Core Units


4ˣ Specialization Units2ˣ Enhancement Units

Study Abroad and work as well!

Combine this Master of Advanced Engineering with a Master of Business in two years and gain two masters degrees. At the end of two years study you are eligible to work in Australia for two years. Kick-start your engineering career with two great master’s degrees AND two year’s work experience! This international work experience will be a huge plus for you and look great on your CV. Employers really value international experience in a staff member. There are currently scholarships to the value of AUD$6000 available for students enrolling in the Master of Advanced Engineering. If you have a background in Engineering (equivalent to a 4 year degree), with a credit average then call us today for more information!



Looking for a Career in Psychology?   Thinking of study abroad?

When we hear the word Psychology it is easy to conjure a mental image of a patient lying on a couch and the wise-looking psychologist in the room uttering these words “…so how long have you been feeling this way…’ Do you really understand the huge range of options open to you in the field of psychology. Below I have listed ten careers that are related to the field of psychology. Many people who start out taking a psych degree end up in these kinds of jobs. This is a great study abroad option. We can help you find the best university to psychology.


Career or Vocational Counselor  – They often start by looking at a client’s interests, job history, education, skills, and personality characteristics in order to determine which careers are a good match. They also help clients work on building skills, practicing interviews, improving resumes, and locating job openings. Assisting clients who are dealing with job loss or employment-related stress is also common.

brainySchool Psychologist – They work in educational settings to help children deal with emotional,academic, and social problems. Thanks to increased interest in the mental health of children and federal education legislation, school psychology has rapidly become one of the fastest growing fields. The demand for qualified school psychologists exceeds the number of candidates available, which means that job opportunities are plentiful.

Counselor – Counselors help a people with a wide variety of problems, including marriage, family, emotional, educational, and substance abuse issues. Nearly half of all counselors work in health care or social welfare settings.

Genetics Counselor  – they help provide information about genetic disorders to couples and families. These professionals typically have graduate training in  both genetics and counseling, and many have undergraduate degrees in areas such as psychology, social work, biology, nursing, and public health.

Forensic Psychologists apply psychology to the fields of criminal investigation and law. This has rapidly become one of the hottest psychology careers thanks to numerous portrayals in popular movies, television programs, and books. While the field may not be as glamorous as it is depicted in the media, forensic psychology is still an exciting career choice with a lot of potential for growth.

Engineering Psychologists use psychology to investigate how people interact with machines and other technology. These professionals use their understanding of the human mind and behavior to help design and improve technology, consumer products, work settings, and living environmentsbrainmap

Clinical Psychologists assess, diagnose and treat clients suffering from psychological disorders. These professionals typically work in hospital settings, mental health clinics, or private practices.

Sports Psychologists focus on the psychological aspects of sports and athletics, including topics such as motivation, performance, and injury. The two major areas within sports psychology are centered on helping improve athletic performance or using sports to improve mental and physical health.

Industrial-organizational psychologists focus on workplace behavior, often using psychological principles to increase worker productivity and select employees that are best-suited for particular jobs. There are several different specialty areas within industrial-organizational psychology. For example, some I-O psychologists train and assess employees, while others evaluate job candidates.

Special Education Teacher – While slightly outside of a traditional psychology career, the field of special education offers a great deal of opportunity for those who enjoy helping children. Special education teachers work with students with a variety of disabilities. In order to become a special education teacher, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree and complete a teacher training program in special education. Because of the increased enrollments in special education programs and a shortage of qualified teachers, job demand is strong and expected to grow.brainundermicroscope

You might also like to consider that you can study an Arts degree (B.Arts) with a Psychology Major and combine that with another discipline (Business/Human Resource Management/Education/Linguistics) Unless you want to be a clinical psychologist you may want to choose a degree of this kind. If you are 100% sure you want to be a practicing clinical psychologist then you will need to complete a degree that is professionally recognized by the relevant professional body i.e. in Australia it is the Australian Psychologists Association (APA), in the U.S. it is American Psychologists Association (APA) and so on. So whatever program you choose, if it is necessary, then make sure it is professionally accredited.

Entry Requirements – these will vary depending on where you are applying. However you may be required to have high level Math and/or Psychology and a Natural Sciences subject. The IB score will also vary but will be in the vicinity of 34-37. You might also be surprised to learn that there is quite a lot of Math and, in particular, Statistics, as part of a degree in psychology. There are many pathway options as well if you find you don’t meet the entry requirements

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Do you want to Study Abroad? Master of Laws.

Partial Scholarships are currently available for students wanting to undertake a one-year Master of Laws program at Deakin University in Melbourne Australia.  Study abroad at Deakin University. These one-off AUD$10,000 scholarships make this a very affordable program. So instead of paying AUD$32,000 you will only have to pay $22,000 for the entire one-year program. If you have an undergraduate degree (bachelor) in Law and already have an IELTS result of 6.5 with a 6.0 in all bands contact us today for more information.


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What is GMAT and Why should I take the test?



Graduate Management Admission Test – GMAT



GMAT is widely accepted by business schools around the world – by more than 6,000 business schools actually. Typically, business schools and universities will ask for a GMAT result before accepting a student into an MBA program. So, if you want to enroll in an MBA program in Australia, USA or an MBA in the UK, chances are that you will have to take a GMAT test. Want to study abroad – you will need GMAT.

The GMAT is designed to test your existing academic skills and indicates your likelihood of success in the MBA program and other graduate management programs. This is what the test looks like.


GMAT Test Section# TopicsQuestion TypesTiming
Analytical Writing Assessment1 QuestionAnalysis of Argument30 minutes
Integrated Reasoning12 QuestionsMulti-Source Reasoning
Graphics Interpretation
Two-Part Analysis
Table Analysis
30 minutes
Quantitative37 QuestionsData Sufficiency
Problem Solving
75 minutes
Verbal41 QuestionsReading Comprehension

Critical Reasoning

Sentence Correction

75 minutes
Total Exam Time3 hrs

30 minutes


The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section measures your ability to think critically and to communicate your ideas. During this part of the test you have  to read and to analyze the reasoning behind a given argument. Following this you must write a critique of that argument.

The Integrated Reasoning section lasts for 30 minutes. This section of the test measures your ability to evaluate and analyze information. This information is presented in various formats from a number of different sources – This demonstrates the skills you need to succeed in a technologically advanced, information and data world.

The other parts of the test assess your written communication skills and comprehension (ability to understand) skills.

This is a tough test, especially if English is not your first language. However, being organized and taking a systematic approach to the test will get you over the line. Taking a GMAT preparation course and doing some sample tests before the real  test is very important.

For more information on the GMAT test and where you can do a preparation course in Bangkok, call us today.


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Do you want to study abroad?

Study English in London – The London School of English

With over 100 years’ experience and a wide range of English courses to suit almost every need, The London School of English has helped many thousands of people improve their English and has more  than 100 years’ experience. The London School of English has and a broad range of English courses which appeal to students from a broad range of backgrounds.   The quality of teaching and the facilities are both first class. If you want to improve your English for the purposes of further study, to improve your career or just to increase your confidence, the London School of English is the place for you. There are two schools in London.


Holland Park Gardens is the business and professional centre, located in a wonderful part of London. It is a great residential part of town with many amenities close by.  The School is set in a beautiful old building in one of the best parts of Kensington. The School is very close to  Holland Park station and close to fashionable Notting Hill.
Westcroft Square is the general and examinations centre, also located in a high-quality residential area between Chiswick and Hammersmith. Stamford Brook underground station is just 5 away and the journey into the centre of London takes less than 20 minutes.

The London School of English –


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Study Abroad? Study an MBA?

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There is a great deal of discussion on web boards around the globe about the various option for studying an MBA. That could be an MBA in the UK  or the USA. Or it could be an MBA studied in Australia. So why is an MBA so sought after? Well, it seems that an MBA gained from a reputable business school or university really is great demand. Of course work experience is also highly prized especially in conjunction with a good MBA. For many students wanting to study abroad it is difficult to meet the work experience requirements. In the current economic climate it is difficult to leave a good job for full-time study. Will the job be there when you get back. Will you lose seniority to other people? Fortunately there are now opportunities to study an MBA at quite a number of universities in Australia, the U.S.A. and the UK without work experience. Many universities now offer parallel MBA programs, one that requires work experience and one that does not. In Australia UTS, Griffith University, Curtin University, Swinburne University and a number of others also offer an MBA without the need for work experience.


So what does a typical MBA look like? Typically, there are a number of core units which include studies in finance, marketing, management, accounting, economics and statistics. Then students can choose from a wide range of electives to form a major. Common broad electives include: entrepreneurship, international business, management information systems, business law, market research, organizational design, negotiations, international finance, project management, managing non-profits, and real estate investing. Additionally, many other elective options of a more specialized nature are offered by various institutions.

MBAs are usually of 1.5-2.0 years in duration. You will need an undergraduate degree from a recognized university. If you come from a non-English speaking background you will probably have to prove your English proficiency by taking either an IELTS or a TOEFL test. Test requirements may vary but will be in the range of Overall 6.5-7.0 for IELTS.


Call us for more information about studying an MBA in Australia – the USA or UK.

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Master of Laws – The University of Sydney (Australia) – On year full-time



Do you want to have an excellent and up-to-date knowledge of the law; the skills to understand and contribute to changes in professional practice  and an ability to apply your knowledge and skills to new situations.

Do you want to have the knowledge of research principles and methods applicable to the law, and the ability to undertake substantial research-based projects?

Do you want to have the cognitive skills such as critical judgement and critical thinking in the learning and application of law to policy, practice and academic pursuits.

Do you want to possess cognitive, technical and creative skills to recognize, define, analyze, and solve complex legal problems, and to generate and evaluate complex ideas at an abstract level.

Do you want to develop exceptional written and oral communication skills to communicate objective or persuasive conclusions to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

To you want to develop skills to understand and contribute to changes in professional practice  and demonstrate an ability to apply their knowledge and skills to new situations.

Do you want to be able  to demonstrate a high level of personal autonomy and accountability.

Study plan

Most Master of Laws programs in Australia require candidates to complete 48 credit points, which is equivalent to 8 units of study. Candidates are able to choose the prescribed number of units from the entire range of electives on offer, permitting them to concentrate on one area or combine their interests in a number of fields.


Areas of specialization include;

Admissions Requirements


A recognized undergraduate degree in law (Bachelor of Law)

English language proficiency

IELTS: A minimum result of 7.0 overall and a minimum result of 6.0 in each band

TOEFL paper-based: A minimum result of 592 overall including a minimum result of 4.5 in Writing TOEFL IBT: A minimum result of 96 overall including a minimum result of 17 in Reading, Listening and Speaking and 19 in Writing


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 Study Abroad?

TOP 5 Australian University :

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