Finding a PhD Supervisor

Finding your PhD Supervisor – Stand Out From The Crowd

1_0Academics receive many 100’s of unsolicited inquires per year from aspiring PhD candidates!

To be considered (or even read) the initial email should:

  • Use a relevant or very direct subject line eg. Seeking a supervisor in the field of stem cell research.
  • Politely address the academic directly eg. Dear Dr. Brown……..
  • Use good English (perfect English may be not necessary, just good English)
  • Should indicate how you became aware of the academic eg. I have read about your Stem cell research on your profile page….
  • Should briefly and realistically indicate why the research is attractive to you. eg. I have an interest in Stem Cell Research and In-Vitro Fertilization. In the future I would be interested in commercial applications in these areas.
  • Should list key the achievements /publications/grades/Masters results that  you believe make you an attractive PhD candidate.
  • You should explain what documents you have attached and why you have attached them.
  • You should request information on what you need to do next to progress your application.

Perth-01For more information about all aspects of studying a Phd including;

  • Writing a PhD proposal
  • Looking for a scholarship
  • Finding a supervisor
  • Making an application

and more…………..

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Many thanks to Dr. James Downes, Dean of Teaching and Learning, Department of Physics and Astronomy at Macquarie University, Australia for much of this material in this post.